Good Day Sunshine

Good Day Sunshine

Well, maybe there is no bright warm sunshine here in the Northeast at the moment, however, there is an upshot to this grey weather we are having and that is, rain. Yes, rain, simply because it is not more snow.  It’s the first precipitation this winter that is not snow. Sometimes the small things that we try to be positive about are very small, perhaps rainy but they are still positive.

So it’s with this post that I start a blog as the seedling to an interactive website.

The intention set for this blog is to provide a Source to assist in creating an environment that is devoted to personal wellness using both modern and classic elements. They include the age-old tradition and scientifically proven benefit of Massage Therapy, Bodywork, and community here in the mod mod world of blogging.  The personal wellness and environment I’m talking about are yours.  It’s an open invitation for you to explore the ideas and information offered here. Some of it has inspired me, some of it has inspired others and perhaps you may find inspiration as well.

In health and peace,


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