Home Sweet Home: Our Body

Sometimes success happens over night, sometimes it takes a very long time and most often it can be nurtured along a slow distinct path but none the less it happens with patience. This type of patience developed through my yoga practice is the place I can often observe it the clearest. After a spotty non regular practice throughout the long, cold, snowy, complacent, winter and a rusty huffing puffing effort to return to regular practice (get the picture?) I am enjoying feeling, seeing and grinding out this previously elusive patience. Throughout the winter I took class as I was moved, not often, at different studios enjoying the differences each had to offer, however, I would always return to one studio that I’ve been at for 6 years and gravitating toward the same teacher for the past while. This teacher shares with each class just before we begin a brief experience during her week that is both universal and that resonates with all of us, this week it was boundaries.  She then invites us to create an intention for our practice based on that universal life experience lending the opportunity for it serving our lives outside the practice room floor while simultaneously serving our practice. I’m in. As class began last night, after our “sea of Oms” she continued to guide us seamlessly without judgement in our body’s mind exploring boundaries  throughout challenging vinyasa and gentle alignment and said, “Our bodies are our ultimate home, we listen to it, care for it, it is the soft place where our heart lies.”  Do we tend over extend in our downdog, do we tend over extend in our lives?

“Our body is our ultimate home,

we listen to it, care for it,

it’s the soft place that our heart lies.”

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