Shift: Field to Table, Traditions

Shopping at local Farmer’s Markets the past few years and anticipating the opening of this year’s market in town has birthed a new inspiration,  a visit to a local farm.  Stone Barns is a four-season working farm  rich in history.  It sits on 80 acres of gardens, woods, and pastures where community-based farming blends with modern living  not to mention a restaurant that sources the majority of its menu from the farm.  It was something along the lines of “love at first sight” for me when I drove up the farm entrance drive and has ultimately inspired me deeply to become more involved in community-based farming and sustainable farming.

“How does what we choose to eat affect our health, the health of the land, the community and the environment?”

Stone Barn circa 1930’s was used as a dairy barn

Vegetable crops

The original dairy barn now houses the restaurant

85 degrees out – nap time

Rooting is where it’s at.


Seed to sprout

Free-Range or “Pasture” Eggs. Yes, the sign on the mobile says, “Coo Coo Ca Choo”. Chickens are under the mobiles for shade.

Stella – herding dog for the sheep and lamb. Still wasn’t too sure of me at this point.

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