Evolution: Shining the light on Massage and Reiki for Cancer symptoms distress

There are times when the compelling feeling to create a new post produces the bridge to link you with an informative article.  As a devoted advocate of blending alternative therapies with conventional cancer therapies during treatment it is refreshing to continue to see articles like this one that show more studies with continued positive results  in reducing symptoms distress and improved quality of life by blending Science , Massage and Alternative Therapies. ~Nina


Massage Therapy & Reiki in the Media:

Alternative Medicine Reduces Symptoms Distress in Cancer Patients

by Mary Roberts Featured News, Thursday, November 11th, 2010

A new study conducted by the SolarisCare Foundation has found that alternative medicine, such as massage, for instance, may improve life’s overall quality and decrease stress in cancer patients.

alternative medicine, SolarisCare Foundation, chemotherapy,   massage

The new research, to be presented at the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) Annual Scientific Meeting in Melbourne, has shown a 14 percent reduction in symptoms distress and patients who felt improvements in pain, nausea, fatigue, sleep, breathing and appetite.

Throughout the study, researchers measured the quality of life and symptoms distress of 1244 cancer patients who were subjected to alternative medicine, such as reiki, aromatherapy, chi breathing and meditation, in addition to conventional cancer treatments.

According to Dr. David Joske, head researcher and Head of Hematology at Charles Gairdner Hospital, the research has revealed that alternative medicine has beneficial effects on cancer patients. However, it is too soon to determine whether these therapies have an essential effect or just give a placebo effect.

Dr. Joske noted that he has witnessed in his patients positive alternations in their mental state to feel encouraged by their cancer management. The patients’ demeanor toward going to treatments also changed, due to the alternative treatments they received in addition to the conventional treatments such as chemotherapy.

Numerous cancer patients in the United States use alternative medicine during and after their conventional cancer treatments. These treatments are to be used in conjunction, as alternative therapies can relieve symptoms of conventional treatments such as pain, fatigue and nausea, and improve emotional well being.

Among the most popular types of alternative medicine that have been proven, by thorough clinical studies, to aide in relief of symptoms, are acupuncture, chiropractic care, Tai Chi, Chinese herbs, Shi Shang Bai, Red Clover and Reiki.


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One Response to Evolution: Shining the light on Massage and Reiki for Cancer symptoms distress

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Mastectomy massage has improved my post-op experience immensely! It has increased my range of motion and reduced scar tissue formation. It also has reduced my risk of lymphedema. My quality of life is far greater than it would have been if it were not for Nina and her mastectomy massage. I am so blessed to have been referred to her!

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