Pausing to move forward: Sunrise walk

Mornings can be a slow start or a hit the ground running kind of start to the day.   Myself not particularly being a morning person took on a new ritual a little over a year ago providing both positive and palpable results.  Ritual can be a heavy word but used plainly here to express a carved out piece of time to do the same set of things each day. The ritual can change any time which is exactly what makes it so easy to fit into even a busy schedule.   The ritual, a pause taken before starting the day.  Time to be.  Time to create space.  Sound  esoteric and deep?  Sure, but it’s not really.  The beauty is that it can be whatever fits your needs.  Whether it’s for 30 minutes to go for a walk or for  a brief 4 minutes to absorb a view from a window it still manages to provide the space for your body and mind to align for a relative blink in the day.

The shot below was taken on a morning walk at sunrise near where I live.  Early morning walks, not so  inspiring with the cold weather setting in but easier when opportunity in the space of the day ahead greets you.  ~Nina

I pause to create space for all the opportunities of this day

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One Response to Pausing to move forward: Sunrise walk

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Nina,
    Thanks for your reflection on sunrise walks and rituals. The photo is beautiful, and it gave me a glimpse of serenity. I felt a sense of peace just reading your reflection. I appreciate your encouragement and advice about taking time to reflect and keeping grounded through nature.

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