New Decade, New Adventures: Welcome 2011

~From where we come and where we go are no comparison to where we are ~

Be . Learn . Choose. Grow . Play . Shine . Inspire . Love

Thank you 2010, Hello and Welcome 2011

Happy New Year !

It’s that time of year when that ever popular topic of resolution comes  up along with one of the most asked questions, “What are your new year’s resolutions?”

The end of the year, one of the most definitive time of year, is such a fertile and a perfect time to make changes, shift intention and focus.

Once again, going with my unconventional approach to most things, I like to set an intention to try new things in the coming year.  It provides a great way to gently push yourself out of anything that resembles a comfort zone while doing something you want to do.  I’m in!  Along with that it helps expand your mind to plan, organize and execute this new thing which ultimately gives back to yourself the enormous gifts of growth,  confidence, sense of accomplishment, and you got to do something you wanted to.  What do you want to do this year that you have never experienced and want to?

This years newness:  learn new a language, new volunteer project, work with horses/stables.   Enjoy your new ventures and resolutions!  ~Nina

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One Response to New Decade, New Adventures: Welcome 2011

  1. Tammy McLeod says:

    I’m getting ready to take a Peru trip that I’m very excited about and the mystic who is leading the trip says that we should also set an intention for the trip. Its the first time that I thought about intentions for shorter periods of time.

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