Home Sweet Home

With 16 years of bodywork in the books I am still thrilled by the many constant reminders of how incredible the body is.  Such truth in Friedrich Nietzsche’s saying, There is more wisdom in our bodies than in your deepest philosophy.  Our body is constantly speaking to us.  Communicating with us, asking us to give it what it needs.  If we only listen.  sunset mudraThat language is different at different times, sometimes it’s through pain, other times through the electric of adrenaline in fear, and in the sweet language of feel good sense within a stretch, after a satisfying meal or a restorative night’s sleep.  Our bodies have a  lot of wisdom to impart if we can hear it.  If we are not detached from the body.   I have such reverence for each bodywork session and what brings each person to my table.  Today, the seeker changing her daily plate and finding new ways to move in order to live more in tune with her body.  The prenatal athlete whose body now carries life within it; finding new ways of living in another version of her body for the next year.  And the caregiver who cares for those at end of life finding self care for herself.
Our bodies are our ultimate home, listen to it, care for it, it is the soft place where our heart lies.
Breathing techniques
Beginner or Gentle Yoga Class
Have a massage
Walk (without music)
Begin to slow your flow, create some time in a day for stillness and listen.
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