Full Moons . Full Hearts . Full Attention

Full Moons . Full Hearts . Full Attention

Full Moon . Full Hearts . Full Attention

Full Moon . Full Hearts . Full Attention

Inspired by nature most often, I’m always reminded looking up at the full moon that there is release.  That in nature there is change, routine and stillness.   Our routines become natural extensions of our life.  We create them. Routines are rituals.  We can move through, keep going, hang in there.  We can also pause to move forward at this full moon or anytime finding a few minutes of stillness creating new routine by asking what can I release in order to make space for new.  Or just to make space.  Maybe not even fill the space.  Yet.  Looking back as a benchmark as a view like a window to see what hasn’t worked that we are efforting to still carry around.   Clothes, papers, clutter or the less material ideas, thoughts, judgements, competition, grudges.

Pause, observe, release, let go and move forward with new routine or ritual.

Full Moon Mediation & Mantras to play with.  Tip: Try two minutes then work your way up over a few days.

Inhaling: THANK

Exhaling: YOU


Inhaling: LET

Exhaling: GO

Added meditation tool: Place your left hand over your heart, your right hand over your belly for fuller connection linking, mind, body and breath with new attention. Slow the flow. Slow your inhale and exhale down, lengthen it. Take your time.

Mediation Caution: Your mind may get judge-y. Tell you it’s too challenging to sit for two minutes. Use your observer voice not your critic.

Peace & Full Hearts


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