You will be called on to expand; and this is why we practice.

What we don’t face as our own, we perpetrate on others.
Mark Nepo
Challenge pushes us to expand. It’s an invitation. To grow outside the current space we are in physically, mentally.


Looking for, identifying and embracing struggle can cultivate determination. Determination without ego can provide the fuel to go on when faced with challenge.  This opportunity directs us to look at inward at ourselves to face the obstacle within.  Only when we can see and own what is within can we then fuse it with the fuel of determination to make a shift.  Change our trajectory.  Often it takes practice to ultimately see with our observer-self instead of our critic.  Asana can provide a clear way to see the change that comes to the physical body through challenge and determination. We get a little more flexible and strong in our muscles.  In the mind it is not as easy.  It’s easier to shrink, accept carrying someone else’s or our own toxic beliefs.  Practicing looking within and self-study burns off the layers of an outdated version of our Self.  Heartcore practice leads to expanding with the quality of Life and relationship rather than focus on gritting your teeth through another few seconds in a difficult asana or difficult challenge in life.

How do you observe challenge, your Self?   How do you practice expanding?

Svadhyaya . Self Study

Tapas . To heat, catharsis, self discipline

Mantra : I am
Sit with comfort and support. Chair, floor, pillows, what ever it is that gives you a sense of comfort and support.
Gently close your eyes.
Rest your hands on yours thighs.
Bring your attention to your breath. Not forcing it, letting it happen naturally.
After a few rounds begin to introduce the mantra.
In Breath: I
Out Breath: am 
Stay for 15 minutes.
Added meditation tools:
. Place your left hand over your heart, your right hand over your belly for fuller connection linking, mind, body and breath with new attention. Slow the flow. Slow your inhale and exhale down, lengthen it.
. Take your time.Begin with 1 minute and work your way up a minute or two each time you sit to meditate. Mediation
. Set a timer to let you know when time is finished.
Meditation Caution: Your mind may get judge-y. Tell you it’s too challenging to sit for two minutes. Find your observer voice not your critic.
Peace & Expansion
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