Pause . Reflect . Nourish || Welcome 2015

From where we come and where we go are no comparison to where we are~

Learn . Give .  Be . Ask . Believe . Receive . Choose . Grow . Play . Shine . Inspire . Love

New Year

Welcome 2015

     Another revolution around the sun creates a benchmark for progress. The end of one year and the beginning of a new year is a most definitive time; a fertile time for creating change, to shift both intention and focus.
Recognize what does not honor our purpose. Choose what nourishes us.
In every moment we are given the opportunity to choose our future. What we do now will determine what we experience next week, next month, or next year.
Take the pressure off, find contentment right where we are and within gentle ways make easeful the changes we desire. Or being content with where we are right now.
May we trust and let go.
May we meet challenge with support for each other.
May we see obstacles with courage.
May we come to the New Year with Love.
Thank you 2014 . Welcome 2015
sankalpa – intention
ahimsa – non harm
santosha – contentment
love – love
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