Start Again: New Moon – Lunar New Year – Mahashivaratri

Have you fallen off the 2015 resolution wagon? Today’s trifecta of events is a great time to start again.
New Moon – Plant Seeds
The New Moon can initiate many things and whether it’s a tradition, new moon, or new year it’s up to us to set our intentions, choose the direction we want and to head into it. New Moons can be like seeds for planting, fertilized and tending to with care. Step through, keep going, keep releasing and keep opening. Review, revise or release. Make space for the new to arrive.

Mahashivaratri – Day of stillness. alphabet city sanct copy
In yogic tradition this day is the day Shiva became one with Mount Kailash, becoming still like a mountain – absolutely still. Shiva is the destroyer, of our imperfections, illusions and ignorance in order to ensure progress of personal or spiritual growth. Destroying or clearing in order to start again. This is believed to be a day when nature is pushing one towards one’s spiritual peak.

Chinese/Tibetan New Year – Year of the Sheep
The lunar new year welcomes the Sheep and it’s Yin energy. Out goes the wild Horse (last year), in comes the gentle Sheep.
The sheep represents the feminine Yin energy of togetherness which strengthens relations and inspires acts of kindness, cooperation, healing and creativity.

How can we be more caring, gentle, and sensitive with others, with ourselves?
This year encourages to develop a wild heart and open heart. Open to love, be loved and for acceptance on all levels.
Sheep have a natural ability to survive when they must, and are far stronger than they appear. A Sheep can be calm and charming, yet very focused and determined.

Image: Shiva – charcoal dry metallic acrylic on fabric and wall taken at Alphabet City Sanctuary, 2012.

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