Necessity is the mother of all invention {creation} :: Body Butter

     Necessity is the mother of invention, or in this case creation. Finding the right moisturizer to fit your skin’s needs can be like finding the right shade of paint.
With continued comparison shopping and purchasing products that ultimately ended up being tried and tried again but finding their home in the back of the closet.  Never quite making the cut performing the moisturizing task, hello DIY.  The goal included deep moisture organically grown or without any use of
chemicals or synthetic fragrance.
body butter small
Having used the gamut of carrier oils and nut butters as a massage therapist over the past 18 years, I had the opportunity of testing  oil’s performance in the absorption and moisturizing category complete.   Utilizing my former life being trained to ‘smell’ along with the vital properties of essential oils, resins and precious raw materials for an international fragrance house made embarking on this butter trip more fun.
Blending past, present, and love for creating in the kitchen here is an easy DIY Body Butter recipe.
Body Butter Recipe
1/2 cup organic shea butter
1/4 cup organic sesame oil
2 tbsp  organic sunflower oil
1 tsp   non-gmo vitamin e oil
essential oil of your preference
Place  butter, sesame and sunflower oil in a pyrex container in a double boiler on low heat until almost liquid – with a few pieces of solid butter still intact.
Remove from stove top.
Add vitamin e and your preferred essential oils.
Whip with a hand mixer on high for up to 5 minutes.
Transfer to sterile container for use.
If you find your not achieving fluffy butter peaks place the mixture in refrigerator for a few minutes to stiffen the texture and whip again for additional minute or two.
body butter mix
Essential Oils
Some essential oils to try:  lavender, sandalwood, cardamom, rosewood, vanilla
A favorite is to add seabuckthorn – my brand of choice is Weleda for this one.
Although not a true essential oil it is a quality blend with a very uplifting scent and tons of vitamin c for cell turn over [exfoliation] and smooth nourished skin.
Peace & Supple Skin
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