Darkness Light: Begin Again

In honor of the first week of Spring
A new cycle, the mystery of a new season and the profound renewal it holds. Easier to see a new season in nature as it blooms around us than it is to see a new season within us.

It happens every year here on the East Coast another Winter, another Spring. Life’s breakneck pace or numbing repetition can blind us to opportunity in change, cycle, beginning.

Under the Five Pines


Every experience, every choice prepares us for what we ask for. In our deepest thoughts whether spoken or not the seeds are planted. Ideas, seeds, creation looking for the light must first see darkness.

In the softening of Spring seeds open and push their way through the cool nurturing mother earth rising to the light.

Spring, another of the many reminders of life’s abundant opportunities to begin again.
Rise. Open Your Heart.

Under the Five Pines
Hudson Valley

Love & Beginning

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