Add Smoke :: Avo Toast

Avo Toast {yawn}
Not this one.
1001 different ways to avo toast?
Really there’s one way and it’s the way you like it.
My favorite is with Fumée de Sel.
Fumée de Sal is premium Fleur de Sel sea salt crystals that are cold smoked with oak wine barrels that have been used for years to age fine Chardonnay wine.  Think miles of depthful and rich flavor then keep going.  These sparkly minute granules are like sunlight on your tongue.
Fumée de Sal

Fumée de Sal

Including positive healthy thoughts, feelings, work, relationships, creative time, people and food habits in your daily ritual are the small things that support a holistic lifestyle that nourishes You for growth, true joy and peace.  It can be easy.  Tapping into your Source, You, in this case your taste buds and what makes your body happy.
So pick out your favorite bread, cracker, or vehicle for your next avocado mash to add volumes of depth and rich savory satisfaction.
Peace & Getting Salty
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