Practice . Attune to the Subtle

The view of self can become limited.
Reflecting a fraction of the vast beauty within each of us.
Attune to the subtle.
Attune to Self.

Today we Practice :: Listening to the voice that does not speak.
Pausing for our Self. Observation, a function as a mirror reminding us of our highest potential. As a way into the inscaping clearing the way for highest Self. 

Svadhyaya‬ || Self Study

Attune to the Subtle

Attune to the Subtle


Chose a comfortable space.  Sit with some support like a chair or pillows for a straightened back.  Lengthening the spine/back creates more space for the lungs to inhale-exhale.  Gently close eyes.  Relax the face.

Inhaling: I

Exhaling: Am

Added meditation tool: Place your left hand over your heart, your right hand over your belly for fuller connection linking, mind, body and breath with new attention. Slow the flow. Slow your inhale and exhale down, lengthen it. Take your time.

Mediation Caution: Your mind may get judge-y. Tell you it’s too challenging to sit for two minutes. Use your observer voice not your critic.  Start small, 2 minutes.  Work your way up.  If you chose.

Peace & Your Highest Self


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