Practice :: Breath || stay . flow . be

Practice :: Breath  || stay. flow. be
There is a theme that plays out in the day to day that speaks through small whispers.  It’s unique to each of us, our experiences, goals and beliefs.  At times it can be felt as a naturally occurring internal compass that invites us back to ourselves.  Personal authentic leadership coursing us back into the trueness of who we are instead of what our friends, children, partners, jobs or minds communicate to us who they see us as.
The experience of losing a friend in a tragic accident recently sent my thoughts and practice straight to impermanence.   Life is impermanent after all.  We will all die.  Made sense.  But not completely, it felt shallow.  While impermanence is part of this life and so ephemeral there is something more complex than simple placement of a label.  Grief.  When emotions call to us so loudly that we hear most nothing else it is a call to tend to ourselves.
A yoga practice can be deeply helpful in life to assist most of it’s experiences particularly emotions.
Yoga is accessible and as I’ve deemed it previously, convenient like a go cup. Take it anywhere, its physical asana (poses) or its philosophies.  Sometimes life delivers more than you’re ready for. Yoga can be a valuable tool to assist sitting in the fire of life’s big emotional deliveries.  These past two weeks my practice slowed down, enthusiasm waned and so turned the practice to the purely simple and sweet basic, breath.
 Tuning in to that internal compass that whisper can lead us with more ease paired with fundamental breath.  Helping to sort out emotion and feelings by assisting the mind to rest from intensely looping on repeat.  It is through breath that the body relaxes and finds restoration.  In anatomical terms the central nervous system processes information that regulates internal environment and functions such as our breath.
When breath is put first before the conscious mind the body will follow.
Go back to breath when you feel stuck, fear, grief, sadness, void, loss, emptiness.
Slow the flow to lengthen the in breath, then, do the same on the out breath.
Take a few more rounds.
Feel the breath.
Peace & Breath
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