Today’s Practice . Uncoloring Mental Obstacles

Today’s Practice . Uncoloring Mental Obstacles
Thoughts come and go.
It’s when we judge them that we become entangled.
Moving through experience.
Practice letting experiences move through us.

move . In practice today find the places to let go.  Loosen your mental grip on judging the body, what it can and can’t do.  Maybe last week’s tree was more steady and this week’s is not.  Be kind to your Self.  Remove the irritation.  Practice being present with what is. 

sit . Use breath to fuel mental focus on clearing the chatter.  To soften your inner critic.  Lengthen the in breath and out breath.  Place one hand on the center of the chest below the sternal notch.  The other hand directly below the belly button.  Breathe into the hands.  Feel the continuous connection of breath, mind, body.  Mantra: I am

rest . take savasana with a bolster or blanket (folded) resting on your hips/upper thighs to cultivate a feeling of groundedness. 

Peace & Freedom
Abhyasa – practice
Vairagya non-attachment
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