Mourning Moon | Sojourn . Cherish . Release

Sojourn . Cherish . Release
Mourning Moon
Whether easy or painful, life is a series of cycles, transitions and change.
The full moon offers us one of the most readily available alluring reminders of cycles.
It’s the peak of the moon cycle creating release, shedding the outdated, allowing space for new, for beginning. The November full moon known as the Mourning Moon is the final full moon before the arrival of winter solstice.
With the last of the leaves falling to complete their season the plants, trees and earth prepare for winter’s coldest months. Thus symbolizing the final step in the process of release. We must leave behind, let go, avail ourselves to receive new.
What will you let go of?
Shine attention on the dark moments of this past year.
Sojourn through one final time before turning away for good.
Keep resolute to move on.
While this holiday of gratitude permeates our minds and hearts use this moon to bring to focus what you revere as a contrast to what you are ready release.
Mourning Moon is a time for new beginnings.
What will you let go of?
Peace & Illumination
Mourning Moon
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