Winter Solstice || Stillness . Inward . Renewal

Solstice . Inward . Renewal
Nature reminds us that things always change.  It’s cycles are as continuous and reliable as our own breath. Solstice is a sweet subtle reminder of change, turning points and the light.  Just as we tune in to celebrate the different holidays of lights we can tune into the renewal of light of winter.
Winter Solstice not only marks the start of winter but the depth of winter.  The longest night of the year, the darkest day followed by a renewal of the sun, forging  into colder months ahead.  A time when earth and all it’s life comes to stillness for renewal until Spring’s thaw.
Winter solstice heralds a new time.  A new season.  A turning point. 
Turning points are opportunities.
The beauty of this season of winter is that we can choose to tune in to this fertile time of renewal.  There is no one way to achieve this.  By ritual of looking inward, lighting our candles, sitting by a fire, resting more, sleeping more and creating meaningful celebrations with others lets us cultivate a deeper connection to nature, relationships and all the things that matter most to us.
Winter solstice heralds a new time.  A new season.  A turning point.
Turning points are opportunities.
Love & Light
Lighting Inward

Lighting Inward

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