Baseline . Honor YourSelf

Life meets you where you honor yourself. 

Are you moving from a baseline of belief or truth?
Wisdom of truth dwells inside.
Create a clear channel.

ustrasana // camel pose
Roots through the earthy lower stores of the legs, the spine lifts, the chest and throat open, creating nourished opening sustained by rising.
Opening must be nurtured and tended, not forced.

Pictured  Tim Miller

DSC_1598.JPG copy

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Strange & Lovable . Kohlrabi

Source // Eat
It’s easy to feel worn out by all the exotic super foods and while we can say kohlrabi is just weird it takes on flavor like a pro and makes a sturdy alternative to summer salads. With taste and texture like a mix between a broccoli stem and a radish it has a slightly sweeter taste.

Green World / Use the green top leaves lightly sautéed as you would beet greens. 
Tough Love / The outter skin of the bulb is tough and needs to be removed first.
Make / Use the bulb raw in salads, spiralized, mandoline chips, sliced into ‘fries’ for dips, add to slaw. 

Spiralized here, organic kohlrabi + vinaigrette.
1 t dijon
1 T minced shallots
1/4 c olive oil
3 T apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
salt, pepper to taste

peace & veggies


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Recalibrate Your Source : Meditation

Recalibrate :: Your Source

Science has proven that the practice of meditation has beneficial physiological effects.  It helps sustain the relationship to ourselves and with others vastly improving quality of life. Simply put, meditation is single focused attention.

In this guided meditation we will spend time in a state of conscious rest guiding the body back into its natural state of seeking balance and healing.  Each time you sit, this practice dissolves stress and assists your body in releasing tension, recalibrating balance and health.  Moving into stillness we will utilize one or a blend of the four pillars of meditation styles mantra, guided, breath and visualization.

Sitting for 10 minutes, 2 minutes or 30 can greatly support the body in it’s functions, the mind in clarity and the Self as a whole into rested consciousness.

Rest & Guidance





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Secret Spring . Inscaping

Secret Spring . Inscaping
We shed outdated versions of ourselves continuously.
Like an oak seed that discards it’s untethered cap to find new life
moss’s spring blanket extends it’s tiny frond-like cells to regenerate life.
This is the hallmark of spring.
Microscopic internal growth creating external sum of the whole.
Within us resides this same eternal spring whether we are aware or not.
Our body’s wisdom much like nature’s is ever present.
Blood cells die off and are replaced by new ones every 100-125 days.
Outer layer of skin replaces itself every 35 days.
Lining of the stomach regenerates every 5 days.
Liver regenerates every 5 months.

We shed outdated versions of ourselves continuously.

Which means right now at this very moment you are reading this there is tiny renewal happening inside your body, your mind. Yes, your brain changes also. Think in terms of that valuable lush grey matter at 25 years old versus the decreases in the 40’s, 50’s etc.  Hello forgetfulness. And yes, there are ways to support valuable grey matter through all the ages, one being meditation.
 Look for my forthcoming article on the benefits and science behind meditation along with an instructional featured in Body Magazine
Take in new thoughts, new friends, new food selections, new ideas, new ways to solve problems, stress and discord.
Consider yoga, massage and meditation as the valuable links they are to your microscopic landscape of your body’s renewal.
Pathways to your Self, in your Self and the miraculous world inside your ultimate home.
Your Body.
Feeling, change, evolution, harmony, Wellth of life.
art of practice
love & practice




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Secret Spring . Soften

Secret Spring . Soften

Cool nurturing mother earth softens
secret spring at our feet
invisible signs of spring’s receptivity
seed’s opportunity to soften, push, open
toward the light
Attune to the subtle
Transition baseline dormancy
for conceptive groundedness

Love + Softeness



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Single Satisfaction

The voice of meditation is silence.
The vehicle is breath.
Meditation simply put is single pointed consciousness, attention.
You are the only one at the wheel of your consciousness.
peace & stillness

Single Point of Consciousness

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Secret Spring . Unfurl

Secret Spring . Unfurl
Your Nature

A secret spring dwells in each of us.
Places of dormancy waiting for our attention. Found in nature and no different than inside us are minute parts and actions that make up larger form.
Sun fuels form. Earth nourishes form.
Attune to the subtle.
Fortify your potentiality.

peace + unfurling


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Very Very Beginner :: Yoga

Very Very Beginner . Yoga
Many have approached me with questions, much curiosity and some ambivalence about taking yoga. In this article I offer a bit of insight and encouragement to find comfort on the mat for the first time or if returning after many years.

Have you taken a few classes and are interested in understanding the many other styles of yoga?
Access my full guide here:…/yoga-which-is-right-for-you…/

love + beginning
NinaVery Very Beginner Yoga


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