Specialized Massage & Bodywork


Injury . Life Altering Condition .  Palliative Care

{Massage, noun}  The manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to enhance function and promote relaxation and well-being.

{Well-being, noun}  the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous

Massage & Bodywork such as Craniosacral therapy and Reiki can be beneficial in enabling   person to reconnect with their body while empowering them to take charge of their healing process.  

For the person who is living with injury, chronic pain,  life altering condition or terminal illness both physical and emotional pain can interfere with quality of life.  Along with medical treatment, non-medical therapies such as therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy and Reiki can provide comfort, relief from pain, relief from to assist in reconnecting the body as a whole.  In this setting massage therapy and bodywork have proven to be very effective in providing comfort through touch using gentle, light and skilled application.

The power of touch and contact provides a sense of connection to ourselves and to others, which in itself can be healing.

{Oncology Massage, n.}   The adaptation of massage to safely nurture body, mind and spirit of anyone who is living with cancer.

Mastectomy Massage Therapy Whether breast surgery is life saving or cosmetic, Mastectomy Massage can be beneficial in enabling a woman to reconnect with her body while empowering her to take charge of her healing process.  Mastectomy massage can be an integral part of comprehensive rehabilitation with a Massage Therapist who has specialized training in mastectomy, cancer and breast massage.  Using a holistic approach which takes into consideration your health history, lifestyle and physicians directives allows this customized massage to address  unique health needs and lifestyle goals.  A massage therapy session may include a variety of techniques, all that are gentle while providig effective results.

 Equally as important is the emotional benefit within massage therapy.

When applied with healing intent and compassion, a therapeutic massage session can function as a bridge to help clients become reconnected to their body. For many breast cancer surgery recipients, the physical contact of massage can ease the feeling of being a stranger in their own body, facilitating transition that can help them find comfort in their new physical form.

Care for the Caregiver   For families and friends supporting those with cancer, any life altering illness or  in hospice, a gentle touch can provide much needed relaxation and restoration.