Yoga . Meditation

Offering a supportive teaching style as a way to approach our lives and bodies with realistic goals and artful blend of several traditions such as, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, vinyasa including meditation and pranayama.  With hands-on adjustments, intelligent sequencing and attention cues for your mind, body and heart.  Ranging from very very beginner to more challenging, each session is designed on an individual basis considering each person’s unique goals.
move :: through yoga pose sequence we will move out of our thoughts to bring focus and reconnection to the body.
rest :: closing each practice session with rest in savasana for full restoration of the physical, the mind, the spirit.
sit :: through guided meditation we will move into stillness. as our thoughts come and go we will allow our experiences to move through us.



In this guided meditation we will spend time in a state of conscious rest guiding the body back into its natural state of balance and healing. Each time you sit, the practice dissolves stress and assists your body in releasing tension, recalibrating balance and health. I will utilize a blend of four proven techniques of meditation styles including guided breath and visualization as we move into stillness.

Science has proven that the practice of meditation has beneficial physiological effects. It helps sustain the relationship to ourselves and with others vastly improving quality of life. Simply put, meditation is single pointed focus.

Your Source is where all your energy generates from.
It’s the place where you restore and renew.
Your reservoir.
Cultivate it. Balance it.

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